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imageLos Angeles, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – Comedienne Joan Rivers is in hot water yet again after she told reporters that the 2,000 Palestinians  who have been killed in Gaza as a result of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict deserved their fate.

“They were told to get out. They didn’t get out. You don’t get out, you are an idiot. At least the ones that were killed were the ones with very low IQ’s,” she said.

Rivers, before her career was relegated to being the red carpet fashion police, was considered one of the more intelligent television personalities in the same category as Johnny Carson and David Letterman.

However, in an interview with The Adobo Chronicles, Rivers admitted that her  IQ has tremendously decreased over the last decade. She says she used to have an IQ of 150 which is considered anywhere between high and being a genuius.  Now she says that in the latest IQ test she took, she scored a measly 75.

“I think my age is getting the best of me, or perhaps I should be associating more with the likes of Jon Stewart,  Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon,” she admitted.

She said she will try to call Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to personally apologize for her insensitive comments.