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Among Carson’s demands: dim, mood lighting

WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles ) – Following Wednesday’s poorly-managed GOP presidential debate hosted by CNBC, Republican presidential candidate, now frontrunner, Ben Carson, demanded that the Republican National Committee (RNC) change the entire debate format starting with the November 10 debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Carson told RNC that unless all his demands are met, he will not be participating in next month’s debate.

Carson’s demands:

  1. Only the top four candidates will be invited, presumably Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and himself.
  2. The prime-time debate must be broadcast by all major cable and television networks, except CNBC. Being the richest of the candidates, Donald Trump will pay for the air time.
  3. There will be no commercial interruptions, just a moment of silence every thirty minutes.
  4. Being the frontrunner, Carson’s podium should be placed at least five feet away from the remaining three debaters (see photo).
  5. Carson wants dim, mood lighting throughout the debate (see photo).
  6. There will be no moderators. Instead, Carson will be asking all the questions of the three other candidates before answering each question himself.
  7. The three candidates will be allowed to ask each other a follow-up question, but they cannot ask Carson any question.
  8. Towards the end of the two-hour debate, the live audience and television viewers will be asked to vote on who they think won the debate.  The results will be announced at the conclusion of the telecast.
  9. The candidate that finishes last in the voting will immediately withdraw his candidacy.
  10. If Carson ends up last in the voting, he will remain as a candidate until the next scheduled debate.

The campaigns of Trump, Bush and Rubio, have not formally commented on Carson’s proposal.




Bush and Trump: too close to call
Bush and Trump: too close to call  (Photo courtesy of The Onion)

MIAMI, Florida (The Adobo Chronicles) – Placement is everything, especially in a televised presidential debate.

In the last three GOP presidential debates, the candidates leading in national polls were placed behind the center podiums while the rest were positioned to their left and to their right, in the order of their poll standing.

Apparently, at last night’s debate hosted by CNBC, something wasn’t right with the podium placement.  The two top candidates –Donald Trump and Ben Carson —  were in the middle podiums alright, but former Governor Jeb Bush’s podium was placed right next, and very close, to Trump.

That didn’t sit well with Senator Marco Rubio, who is ahead of Bush in the polls.

As he reviewed news photos of the event, Rubio was aghast at what he saw (see photo).

Today, Rubio filed a formal complaint with the Republican National Committee and CNBC for favoring Bush, not knowing of course, that the photo he was shown by his campaign staff was from . . . The Onion.

As they say in elections, the whole thing was too close to call.


imageMIAMI, Florida (The Adobo Chronicles) – Realizing his poll numbers are not getting any better, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush is now endorsing frontrunner Donald Trump to be the GOP nominee for president in the 2016 elections.

In a statement issued today, the younger brother of George W. Bush urged voters to go ahead and vote for Trump.

Bush’s endorsement is expected to further boost Trump’s campaign and enable the real estate mogul to break away from what appears to be a serious threat posed by Ben Carson.  Some recent polls have shown Carson in a dead heat with Trump or overtaking the Donald for the lead.

In endorsing Trump, Bush said he has other more imprtant things to do than being president.

Tongue in cheek.