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The Pink Lady
The Pink Lady

New Delhi, India – India may just have found the solution towards gun control, and other countries are closely watching.

A gun company in this nation of 1.2 Billion people has just manufactured a gun designed for women: light, sleek and pink. The idea of a pink pistol came about as a result of increasing rape and violence against women. In its marketing campaign, the gun manufacturer says that “it is time women started carrying guns to protect themselves from rapists and attackers.”

Now, the Indian Parliament is considering passing a legislation that would ban the manufacture of all guns, except the pink pistol.  The measure is expected to reduce gun ownership among men who constitute 77 percent of all gun owners. The legislators believe that the pink pistol will discourage men who are much concerned about their “macho” image from purchasing this deadly weapon.

Under the proposed legislation, current gun owners will be given six months from the passage of the law to surrender their firearms or trade them in for pink pistols.

The American National Rifle Association (NRA) is reportedly very nervous about this Indian legislation and has mobilized its top lobbyists in Washington, D.C. to make sure that no such legislation is introduced in the U.S. Congress.