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imageWashington, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles) – The equal sign (=) has long been a symbol of the LGBT community’s quest for equality and is, in fact, the logo of the Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBT advocacy organization in the U.S.

In an op-ed piece published in the latest issue of the LGBT magazine The Advocate, Ringo Le, director of the film ‘Big Gay Love,’ wrote a scathing criticism of the HRC logo. The film is about the struggles of being an Asian man in the American gay community.

In his piece, Le said:

“An equal sign is often used as a symbol for the LGBT community, but I believe a pyramid is a more appropriate image. And at the top of the social hierarchy stands the idealized gay white man, and it will probably never change.”

Being the responsive and and socially-responsible organization that it is, the HRC announced it was changing its logo from an equal sign to a pyramid with the rainbow colors of the gay flag,  with the top  section of the pyramid representing the gay white man.

African American, Asian and Latino gay men and women across the country immediately praised the HRC move, saying that this could signal a historic kumbaya moment in the American LGBT community.


Artist's rendition of the Castro Street rainbow crosswalk
Artist’s rendition of the Castro Street rainbow crosswalk

San Francisco, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – Tens of thousands will descend upon San Francisco’s gay Castro district this Sunday for the annual Castro Street Fair.  They will also be stepping onto new rainbow-colored crosswalks for the first time when traversing the intersection of 18th and Castro Streets.

The painting of the crosswalks is part of the overall Castro Street Redesign, a $4.5 Million makeover intended to return “fabulous” to the historic district.

Everything seems to be on schedule, including the unveiling of the rainbow crosswalks this Sunday. Except for one thing.

The Human Rights Capaign (HRC), the nation’s largest LGBT advocacy group, has  just filed for an emergency court injunction to stop the painting of the crosswalks in the Castro. It is a court case that could have a far-reaching effect on similar projects in other major U.S. cities like Los Angeles and Chicago.

In petitioning the court, the HRC said that the rainbow colors and flag are a sacred symbol of the worldwide LGBT community. “To paint this symbol on street pavements only to be trampled upon by pedestrians is a total desecration,” it added.

HRC president Chad Griffin told The Adobo Chronicles that his organization will fight to the very end to stop the Castro project and other similar projects in the country. “Think about it this way, ” Griffin said, “if cities start painting their pedestrian crosswalks with the U.S. flag, would Americans just sit by and do nothing to stop this desecration?”

San Francisco county supervisor Scott Wiener, who represents the Castro district,  could not be reached for comment.

In the meantime, reliable sources revealed that the next phase of the crosswalk project would be to change the stop light signals on Castro Street.  Instead of red, green and yellow lights, the warning signals will say ‘Shantay’ for walk, ‘Sashay’ for hurry up, and ‘Strike a pose,” for don’t walk.


imageWashington, D.C. -Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the dominant LGBT organization, has filed a multi-million law suit against the eleven million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. The class-action suit is the first ever filed against millions of defendants. In most cases, it is the other way around — millions suing a single individual or entity.

According to papers filed in the District of Columbia, HRC is suing for copyright infringement involving its “equal sign” logo.  Many will recall that the HRC logo, and variations of it, went viral as Facebook users changed their profile photos to the logo during the weeks prior to the Supreme Court handing down its decisions on the Defense of Marriage Act and Prop 8.

When the U.S. Senate began deliberating on the proposed Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill – which ultimately passed with a 68-32 vote — millions of undocumented immigrants changed their Facebook profile photos to a graphic that had the number 11 on it. HRC claims that the immigrants simply took the HRC logo and turned it clockwise at 90 degrees. image

In response to an email question from The Adobo Chronicles, a spokesperson who refused to reveal his/her sexual orientation, the HRC rep said it doesn’t matter that an estimated 267,000 LGBTs currently in the U.S. are undocumented. “The integity of the HRC logo is what’s at stake here,” the spokesperson said.

Calls to the 11 million undocumented immigrants for comment on the  law suit have not been returned.