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FOX News Scores Big With GOP Presidential Debate Without Trump

imageDES MOINES, Iowa (The Adobo Chronicles ) – A new Gallup poll conducted minutes after Donald Trump confirmed he would not be participating in the GOP presidential debate in Iowa already shows a winner : FOX News.

Trump’s refusal to join his Republican colleagues Thursday night was prompted by accusations that FOX News was biased against him, especially news anchor and debate moderator Megyn Kelly.

Of those polled, 98 percent said they would be watching a Trump-less debate, compared with only 16 percent who would be watching if Trump were among the candidates on stage in Des Moines.

Ever since Trump announced his presidential bid, FOX News ratings have consistently plummeted because viewers didn’t want to hear any news about the billionare candidate or his stupid ideas. Television news audiences — Republicans included — have been turning to ‘The Daily Show’ With Trevor Noah which has been airing endless segments making fun of Trump.

Tomorrow’s debate could significantly bring back FOX News loyal viewers who have strayed away. And then some.



Sarah Palin Will Stand In For Donald Trump In Thursday’s Republican Presidential Debate

imageDES MOINES, Iowa (The Adobo Chronicles) – Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has confirmed that he will not be participating in Thursday’s FOX News GOP Debate in Iowa.

Trump’s campaign said that the billionaire real estate mogul is skipping the debate because of an ongoing rift with FOX News, particularly Megyn Kelly with whom he has had some feisty exchange in a previous FOX News debate. Trump believes that Kelly is biased against him.

But the center podium will not be vacant.

Trump announced today that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will stand in for him.  Palin just days ago formally endorsed the GOP frontrunner.

“We needed to have someone who could come face to face with another woman debate moderator like Kelly so that the playing field would be more fair and square, the Trump campaign said, adding that ” in as far as policies and ideologies are concerned, the governor and Trump are on the same footing.”


L-R: Sanchez, Llamanzares, Santiago, Binay
L-R: Sanchez, Llamanzares, Santiago, Binay

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – Yesterday, we reported that CNN has offered to host the first-ever televised Philippine presidential debate, to be moderated by star anchor Anderson Cooper.

Not wanting to be be outdone, FOX News has proposed to host a televised debate among the potential First Ladies (and Gents).  It has sent an invitation to Korina Sanchez, wife of Mar Roxas; Elenita Binay, wife of Vice President Jejomar Binay; Narciso Santiago, husband of Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago; and Neil Llamanzares, husband of Senator Grace Poe.

FOX News said that it was important to hear from the potential First Ladies and Gents because of the important role that they play in national and international affairs.

Megyn Kelly will moderate the debate, but former First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos and former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo will lead a panel of debate questioners.

The FOX News debate will be simultaneously aired on the ABS-CBN and GMA networks.