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sixStatesSanta Ana, California – As signatures are being gathered for a proposed ballot initiative that would divide California into six separate states, Republican leaders are urging the ballot proponents to add a seventh –  the State of Orange. That means the current Orange County in southern California.

Orange County, with a population of more than three million –making it the sixth most populous county in the United States — is one of the few remaining California bastions of the Republican party, along with a couple of counties in Central California.  Of Orange County’s six congressional representatives, all but one are Republican.  The lone Democrat is Loretta Sanchez of the 47th Congressional District.

“It is about time we had a red state in the west coast of the U.S.,” the Republican leaders said.  Orange county is known for its political conservatism and three Orange County cities (City of Orange, Garden Grove and Huntington Beach) are among America’s most conservative.

The Adobo Chronicles learned that should Orange become its own state, the Republican leaders want the State Capitol to be located in Anaheim, right inside Disneyland. They have even decided on a state meme, “The Magic State,”  with Mickey Mouse gracing the official state seal.

The Magic State
The Magic State

Currently, the City of Santa Ana serves as the county’s government center.

The current ballot initiatives proposes to divide California into these six states:  South California, West California, Central California, Silicon Valley (which would include San Francisco), North California and finally, Jefferson.


imageLos Angeles, California – Plastic bags are already banned in many cities and counties in California, but a comprehensive and radical proposal by legislators could make all plastics a thing of the past in this environmentally-conscious sunny state.

The proposal, supported by a bi-partisan group of lawmakers but vehemently opposed by private business, would totally ban all forms of plastic – from grocery and shopping bags to smart phone cases to debit and credit cards.  Yes, you heard that right: debit and credit cards.

State senators have argued that it is not enough to ban single-use or even reusable plastics. “We must also target the source and cause of the demand for these non-biodegradable items,” they said.

“Almost everyone uses debit and credit cards – also known simply as ‘plastics’ – to shop,” the senators pointed out, ” so if plastic cards are also banned, people will stop shopping and there would be no need for plastic bags or goods. It’s a simple case of supply and demand.”