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Facebook Reprimands Rappler For Not Recognizing Satire

2C809720-212C-4EA2-B662-CAD4A9B676E0MENLO PARK, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Jose Bureau) – Partnering with social media giant Facebook comes with great expectations, and Rappler, one of its fact-checking partners in the Philippines is in hot water.

In a post on its site yesterday, Rappler accused The Adobo Chronicles of being false news masquerading as satire.

That didn’t sit well with FB’s Mark Zuckerberg who recognizes satire when he sees one.

So today, Zuckerberg sent a strongly-worded letter to CEO Maria Ressa saying that Rappler should do a better job recognizing what’s fake news and what’s satire.

Zuckerberg warned Rappler that a repeat of its emotional reaction to satire, specifically the U.S-based Adobo Chronicles  will result in the rescinding of Facebook’s partnership with Rappler.


Third Party Factcheck: Adobo Chronicles Is Satire; Rappler Is Biased

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – There’s an ongoing war of words between Rappler and The Adobo Chronicles, and between their respective publishers.

Maria Ressa and her Rapplerettes say that The Adobo Chronicles can’t tell the difference between satire and fake news.  Adobo Chronicles publisher says we can’t even trust Rappler to give us factual news, so how could we trust it to define satire news for us.

So, in the interest of truth and fairness, we took to a third-party media fact-checker and here is it verdict:  Adobo Chronicles is satire; Rappler is biased (left bias).



Facebook Withdraws Fact Check Partnership With Rappler, Citing Lack Of Sense Of Humor

4B57D0B5-A599-4876-885A-5CF32E6A0040SAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – Facebook has withdrawn its Internet fact-checking partnership with Rappler, citing  the Maria Ressa-owned online news source for lack of sense of humor.

Mark Zuckerberg announced the withdrawal just minutes after Rappler fact-checked photos of what was supposed to be a Labor Day rally in Manila.  The photos had placards bearing a humorous take on demands of Labor Day rallyists (see photos). Rappler tagged both photos as ‘fake.’

”We cannot partner with a fact-checker that can’t even recognize satire, lampoon, cartoons and other forms of sarcastic and humorous art forms,” Zuckerberg told The Adobo Chronicles. “Rappler is taking its fact-checking work too seriously,” he added.

Earlier, Rappler fact-checked a satirical post on The Adobo Chronicles which made fun of Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque’s statement that Rappler could still cover Malacañang as a member of the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines (FOCAP).  The Adobo article claimed that Ressa was elected president of FOCAP. Rappler claimed the article to be false. (Like we didn’t already know).