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Bloody Woman Makes A Scene At Cannes!

CANNES, France (The Adobo Chronicles, Paris Bureau)- You don’t have to be film celebrity to make a scene at Cannes.

The red carpet at the international film festival is usually reserved for famous actors, directors and others whose film entries are screened at the annual event.

But some random woman literally made a scene at Cannes when she appeared in a bloody gown, scaring fans and onlookers, and forcing security to drag her out of the festival venue.

The bloody scene at Cannes

Or could it be that she was the star of remake of the horror film “Carrie?”

(AC senior geopolitics correspondent Brian Neyra contributed to this report.)

VP Sara Duterte To Darryl Yap: Stick To Film Making! (Video)

VP Sara Duterte calling Yap “Tambaloslos”

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) -Vice President Sara Duterte has had it with film maker Darryl Yap’s meddling in purely government affairs, especially goings-on in the presidential palace, Malacañang.

“We have enough trolls, gossip-mongers and purveyors of fake news, we don’t need a film director joining in the fray,” Duterte said.

In calling Yap a “tambaloslos,” the VP advised Yap to stick to what he does best — film making.

(“Tambaloslos” is mythical creature with a large mouth and penis found in Visayan, Bicolano and Mindanao folklore. The creature is believed to confuse and misguide people, making them lose their way or go around in circles.)