Julian Martir: News Media Conned?

BACOLOD CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Bacolod Bureau) -Did he or didn’t he?

A student from the ‘City of Smiles’ has received scholarships from 30 prestigious schools across the United Kingdom and the United States.

Julian Martir, a 20-year-old graduate of Negros Occidental High School (NOHS), comes from a family of six with four siblings. His father works as a tricycle driver, while his mother is a vendor.

This amazing story was picked up by the mainstream news media and has created a buzz that continues to trend on social media.

At issue here is whether or not Martir’s claims were true.

An Adobo Chronicles investigation team found out that many, including the news media, were duped into believing in the authenticity of the story.

Proof of the pudding: One of the “acceptance letters” posted online by Martir was from UCONN. No, not from the University of Connecticut. University of the Conned.


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