Angat Buhay, Rappler, Vera Files Going After Julian Martir!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – What’s Leni Robredo’s Angat Buhay, Rappler and Vera Files up to these days?

They’re all trying to go after Julian Martir, the 20-year-old Bacolod student who claims he has been accepted and offered scholarships by 30 schools in the U.S. and the United Kingdom.

Angat Buhay told The Adobo Chronicles that they are in dire need of a brilliant PR consultant in order to sustain their societal presence in an environment full of UniTeamers. “Julian would be the perfect person to fill this position given that he is a genius and a skilled social media personality,” Robredo said.

As for Rappler and Vera Files? Well, they finally were humbled by the events surrounding Julian’s instant fame, not to mention the fact that the kid defies all odds when it comes to fact checking. Rappler and Vera Files have never been so embarrassed about the poor state of their own fact checking. And it took a 20-year-old to put them in their proper place!

Adobo Chronicles’ Orman O. Manansala contributed to this report.


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