Philippines Bans Importation Of Chinese-Made Suction Climbing Apparatus!

A member of the SWAT unit uses a climbing device to climb a high-rise building.

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – The Philippines’ Bureau of Customs, upon recommendation of the Philippine National Police, has banned the importation of a Chinese-made suction climbing apparatus.

The new device was recently unveiled at the 11th China International Police Equipment Exhibition. The demonstration was done by a member of the Chinese SWAT team.

The principle of operation is based on the use of negative pressure when air is sucked in by suction cups and then attached to the wall.

Customs Chief Bienvenido Y. Rubio told Adobo Chronicles’ chief geopolitics reporter Brian Neyra that the Philippine government is afraid that the climbing equipment could be used by members of Akyat Bahay syndicates to perpetuate their criminal activities.

Akyat Bahay refers to the modus operandi of criminals to climb and enter private residences to steal valuables and property.

“With the climbing device, not even high-rise condominiums which abound in the country will not be spared from thieves,” Rubio said.

Moral of the story: Spider-man is not welcome in the Philippines!

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