Tres Leches To Launch In Debut Concert At MOA

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – When the going is tough, look to greener pastures.

This is exactly what three of the Philippines’ controversial vloggers are doing after realizing their careers are going southward. They’ve lost credibility among friends and foes alike, and they needed a fresh start with a new income-generating career.

Unknown to many, the three have some hidden talent never harnessed professionally before — singing!

So now, Maria Ressa, Raissa Robles and Binibining Maharlika have decided to form an all-women band. Not just an ordinary band — a rock band!

What’s more, their launch will be in a form of a full-length concert at the Mall of Asia (MOA) arena.

Move over, Korean pop stars and Filipino concert queens. Make way for Tres Leches!


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