Vice President Sara Duterte Issues Executive Order Banning AI In The Philippines

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – As Officer-in-Charge of the Philippine government while President Bongbong Marcos is in the U.S. for his 5-day state visit, Vice President Sara Duterte has the power to issue executive orders, which she did.

Executive Order VP-1 was issued today by Duterte banning AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the Philippines.

The EO had a lot to do with her being the Secretary of Education.

AI and ChatGPT enable students and others to come up with computer-generated reports, homework, theses for submission to their teachers and professors.

Duterte is not happy about this. She says it deprives students of the opportunity to think for themselves and develop their skills. She says it also creates the atmosphere for plagiarism and non fact-based academic papers.

The EO takes effect immediately.


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