Beginning In 2024, Pregnant Woman Will Be Able To Compete In Miss Universe!

Illustration of a diamond tiara. No gradient mesh. Elements are layered separately and labeled.

NEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles, New York Bureau) – The Miss Universe Organization has already said that beginning in 2023, married women and those with children will be able to compete in the prestigious international beauty competition. After all, “Ms.” can also refer to those who are already a “Mrs.”

Fast forward to 2024. The organization has announced that pregnant women will also be allowed to join the pageant with one caveat: that their pregnancy will still not show or is not too far along during the competition.

Typically, a “baby bump” becomes noticeable during the first 16-20 weeks of a woman’s pregnancy.

Kudos to Miss Universe for being inclusive and non-discriminatory!


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