Philippine Government Asks Court To Issue “Cease and Desist” Order Against Bb. Maharlika!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – Former President Rodrigo Duterte once suggested that the Philippines be renamed “Maharlika,” as advocated by then President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

The word originally meant “freeman” and referred to warrior class in the country’s pre-colonial past.

The revered word has recently been used to name President Bongbong Marcos’ “wealth fund.”

It is for the above reasons that the Philippine government has filed for a “cease and desist” order against Los Angeles-based Filipino Vlogger, Bb. Maharlika whose real name is Claire Eden Contreras.

Contreras is known in social media circles as a “turncoat,” supporting then attacking the Marcoses. Her tirades have been targeting the First Lady, Liza Marcos.

In filing the petition, the Solicitor General told the court that Contreras is a disgrace to the historical and patriotic significance of Maharlika. “Her gossip-mongering and attempts to climb the social ladder are abominable,” the SolGen told The Adobo Chronicles.


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