Thinking Pinoy To Represent President Marcos And First Lady At King Charles’ Coronation!

LONDON, The United Kingdom (The Adobo Chronicles, London Bureau) – In order to appease his critics who are making a loud noise over his acceptance of the invitation to attend King Charles’ coronation in London, President Bongbong Marcos has instead designated his and the First Lady’s representative at the ostentatious Royal ceremonies.

The designated representative is none other than R.J. Nieto, a.k.a. Thinking Pinoy who, based on photos he has posted on his social media account, is really close to the First Couple.

Malacañang told The Adobo Chronicles that the designation of TP will not cost any taxpayer money since the Vlogger is already in London pursuing a mathematics degree.

Nieto has been previously rumored to be Marcos’ pick for the new Secretary For Social Climbing. He likes to hug top officials and celebrities — from former President Rodrigo Duterte, to the Marcoses, to Robin Padilla, among others.

Nieto’s presence at the coronation will be the ultimate medal in his social climbing career.


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