Whang-od, Leni Robredo Grace Covers Of Fashion Magazines

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Two of the Philippines’ famous women made it to the covers of top fashion magazines this week: Whang-od and Leni Robredo.

The 109-year-old Whang-od is from the small mountain village of Buscalan in Kalinga, and is considered the country’s oldest mambabatok (traditional tattooist). She is famous for mastering a 1,000-year-old tattooing technique, which uses a traditional tapping method utilizing charcoal soot and a sharp stick.

Robredo is the former Vice President who lost big in the last Presidential elections to now President Bongbong Marcos. She is notorious for her passion for cosplay, portraying both fictional and historical characters to the consternation of Filipino netizens.

Whang-od graced the cover of Vogue Magazine while Robredo is this week’s cover girl of Savogue.

Congratulations to both women!


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