Robredo, Marcos Fans Clash Over Beauty On Social Media!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – When the going gets tough, turn to beauty. Or ugliness.

A fan of ex-Vice President Leni Robredo, running out of barbs to throw at Bongbong Marcos, turned to physical appearance to try to pin down the President.

In a Twitter post, the netizen posted filtered photos of Robredo and Marcos, remarking, “Kakampink vs. Kapangitan.” (Kakampink vs. Ugliness).

That didn’t sit well with a Marcos loyalist, so he responded with “Papangitan na lang ng mga anak” (Let’s just determine whose children are more ugly).

While The Adobo Chronicles remains neutral on the issue, we’ll let our readers and followers determine who won in this online exchange. After all, beauty lies in the beholder.

Note: Photos of the Robredo and Marcos children were added by AC to make our point.


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