Leni Robredo To Teach Tagalog Language At Harvard!

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts (The Adobo Chronicles, Cambridge Bureau) – From Hauser Leader to Language Professor! Such is the fate of Philippine ex-Vice President and defeated Presidential candidate Leni Robredo.

Many will recall that Robredo was among the Hauser Leaders chosen by Harvard University to lecture and consult with students and professors last fall.

Our troops on the ground tell us that Robredo’s Hauser Fellowship didn’t go very well mainly because Harvard’s academic community didn’t learn anything new and significant from the former VP’s rants about her devastating 2022 election loss to Bongbong Marcos.

But all’s well that ends well.

Robredo has been tapped by to teach the Tagalog Language which Harvard will be offering soon. Tagalog is the fourth most-spoken language in the United States.


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