New Terminology For Legal/Illegal Children And Parents

CALOOCAN CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Caloocan City Bureau) – Caloocan City Representative Mary Mitzi Cajayon-Uy has filed a House Bill that would “erase” the legality or illegality of children and parents.

In House Bill No. 7440, Cajayon-Uy proposes to replace the terms “legitimate children” and “illegitimate children” with “marital children” and “non-marital children,” respectively. She says referring to the legal status of kids is discriminatory.

But what about the parents?

Realizing her proposal doesn’t go far enough, the legislator filed an amendment to her own bill, saying that unmarried or single parents should be referred to as “non-marital” father or mother.

Change in terminology is quite common in Democracies, just like when political correctness prompted the U.S. to stop using “illegal aliens” and replace the term with “undocumented immigrants.”

“Handicapped” persons are now also referred to as “Persons with Disabilities”’ (PWDs), the blind as “Visually-challenged,” and the deaf as “Hearing-impaired.”


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