The Great Reversal: Raissa Robles Praises Ferdinand E. Marcos, Sr.!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – The title of her one and only book, ”Never Again” says it all about how she feels about the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, Sr.

Now self-proclaimed ”investigative writer” Raissa Robles is making a 180-degree turn. She’s now all praises for Marcos, Sr., praising his intelligence and self-confidence.

In a Facebook post, Robles didn’t mince words in her admiration for the man she and many of her cohorts are calling a ”dictator.”

Unconsciously, in her criticism of Bongbong Marcos (Jr.)’s decision to snub the televised Presidential interviews with the top Presidential candidates, Raissa has made it clear that the country needs a Marcos, Sr. again and again.

Is a new edition of her book in the offing? Let us guess: the title would be ”Never say Never Again!”

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