Manny Pacquiao To Seek Asylum In Spain

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (Tbe Adobo Chronicles, Las Vegas Bureau) – Fearing for his well-being and the possible demise of his political career in the Philippines, boxing champ and Senator Manny Pacquiao revealed that he will seek asylum in Spain after his fight with Yordenis Ugás.

Pacquiao’s intention to run for President in 2022 is no secret, but he has had a falling out with Rodrigo Duterte and the ruling party, PDP-Laban.

Before he left the Philippines last month, Pacquiao criticized the Administration for what he called worse corruption in government. While in absentia, he was booted out as President of the party.

He chose Spain because of the relative ease in seeking residency in the country, especially for nationals whose countries has had a history with Spain. The Philippines was a colony of Spain for three centuries.

Giving a hint to reporters about his plan yesterday, Pacquiao said he is half-Spanish.

Here is Pacquiao in his own words.

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