Yorme Reacts to Comparison With Jim Paredes

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – At the conclusion of his televised address to the nation the other night, President Rodrigo Duterte called out Isko Moreno for his past sexy photos which he said don’t make him worthy of the Presidency.

Duterte then compared the Manila Mayor to entertainer Jim Paredes whose sex video went viral a couple of years ago.

Reporters at a press conference asked Moreno for his reaction to Duterte’s statement.

”I protest being compared to Jim Paredes,” the Mayor said, ‘I have a much bigger…” (Then Moreno’s cell phone rang and he had to answer the call.)

Giggles were heard among the reporters all across the room.

When the call ended, Moreno said, “As I was saying, I have a much bigger ego than Paredes.”

There was complete silence inthe room, and reporters’ faces all turned red in embarrassment.

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