Maria Ressa All Set to Take Back The Internet From Nas Daily

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – No one could be happier over the controversy now facing Nas Daily than Rappler CEO Maria Ressa.

Nas is facing backlash because of issues surrounding his Nas Academy in which he has been accused of taking advantage of his Philippine online “teachers” to earn money, not the least of whom is Whang-od, the famed last mambabatok (tattoo artist) of Kalinga.

But Ressa sees the controversy as a giant step towards her personal advocacy of “taking back the Internet.”

Rappler stands to benefit from the declining number of followers of Nas Daily resulting from the contoversy. Or will it?

Nas Daily continues to have over 20 million followers, compared to Rappler’s 4.4 million “likes” on Facebook.

It will be recalled that Ressa had launched a failed movement to “take back the Internet” from individuals and groups that have outshined her online news source’s popularity.

Will the Nas controversy finally bring back the Internet back to Ressa? Or will Nas Daily simply shrug off the relatively small chunk of followers that have withdrawn their support for his popular Vlog?

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