China Refuses To Accept Return Of Donated Sinopharm Vaccine

BEIJING, China (The Adobo Chronicles, Beijing Bureau) – Facing criticism for his decision to be vaccinated with the Chinese vaccine Sinopharm, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is trying to do some damage control

Duterte received flak for being inoculated with a vaccine that has not yet been given Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by his own Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

The first dose received by Duterte came from the 1,000 doses of the vaccine donated to the Philippines by China.

In a telephone call made to China’s President Xi Jin Ping, Duterte asked that he return 998 doses of the donated vaccine. He has received one dose and would like to retain another for his second dose.

Xi, however, said China’s policy for donated items is “no return, no exchange.” He added though that the Philippines can go ahead and throw away all the doses since they were all expired anyway.

That includes the first dose received by Duterte.

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