Leni Robredo Wants To Invoke 25th Amendment To Oust Duterte

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo, heeding advice from her attorneys, wants to invoke the 25th Amendment as a way to legally oust Rodrigo Duterte.

Under the 25th Amendment, the Vice President takes over the Presidency when the sitting President is deemed incapable of fulfilling his duties. Robredo believes that Duterte’s physical health and mental incapacity render him incapacitated to continue as chief executive of the land.

Robredo, however, didn’t realize that her attorneys were merely briefing her on a potential situation in the United States where there are calls for Donald Trump to be declared mentally incompetent and that Vice President Mike Pence should assume the Presidency in the remaining two weeks of the administration.

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