MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – The new coronavirus strain discovered in the United Kingdom is believed to be already in the U.S., and Japan has confirmed the first few such cases.

The Philippines’ Inter-Agency Task Force for Emerging Diseases (IATF) has been very proactive in instituting policies and measures to address the Covid-19 pandemic. It has imposed community quarantines, limited the crowd capacities in public venues and in transportation, required motorcycle barriers as well as face masks and face shields. IATF has already temporarily banned incoming flights from the U.K.

President Rodrigo Duterte is cutting his Christmas holiday and has called for an emergency meeting of the task force to discuss the new coronavirus strain.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque told The Adobo Chronicles that several members of the IATF have already come up with proposals for the President’s consideration.

Foremost of these proposals is to require the mandatory wearing of full helmets and jumpsuits for all Filipinos leaving their homes. This would be in addition to the wearing of face masks and face shields. That’s right: helmets worn over both face masks and face shields.

We see where IATF is going for on this: 100% protection from the new Covid strain.

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