Lufthansa Unveils ‘New Normal’ Aircraft

BERLIN, Germany (The Adobo Chronicles, Berlin Bureau) – Airlines are among the most negatively affected by the Covid-9 pandemic, having lost significant amount of business resulting from travel restrictions if not outright country lockdowns.

Even as countries start to  lift the lockdowns and resume in and out travel, most airlines will continue to  feel the devastating effects of the coronavirus. Under the “new normal,” commercial aircraft would have to  limit passenger capacity in observance of physical distancing, in addition to a host of health and safety measures that they need to implement.

But Lufthansa has pioneered an innovative way to be back in business without having to cut the numer of paying passengers for their flights.

Germany’s largest airline has just unveiled a prototype of its new fleet that is three times the length of the Boeing 777 and can accommodate three times the number of passengers without violating established physical distancing protocols.

Indeed for Lufthansa, it’s business as usual under the new normal!


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