Fish Ball Vendors Protest Against EDSA ‘People Power’ Rallies

QUEZON CITY, Philippines  (The Adobo Chronicles, Quezon City Bureau) – It was supposed to be three consecutive days of “Oust Duterte” rallies, held in conjunction with the commemoration of the People Power Revolution that forced then President Ferdinand E. Marcos into exile in Hawaii.

It would have been a gold mine for fish ball vendors who could have sold thousands of sticks of the favorite street food.

But alas, the rallies attracted only a few hundreds which meant huge losses for the vendors on their investment.

Frustrated and angered by the false promise of brisk business, the fish ball vendors staged their own protest at the EDSA Shrine, condemning the ‘Oust Duterte’ organizers for their incompetence, lack of organization and non-existent support and following.

The vendors told The Adobo Chronicles that from now on, they will boycott all rallies and marches organized by the anti-Duterte groups.


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