Big Changes In Pro- And Anti-Duterte Blogs In 2020

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) –  Filpinos on either side of the political color spectrum — from reds to yellows – are in for a big bang this coming new year.

The Netizen Kingdom is abuzz with rumors that the “big 3” in pro-Duterte blogging — Mocha Uson, Thinking Pinoy (RJ Nieto) and For the Motherland (Sass Rogando Sasot) — are hanging up the glove.  They are reportedly ‘retiring,’ sick and tired of the stupidity of their favorite subject matter: the Yellows.

Meanwhile, we, at The Adobo Chronicles — highly perceived as pro-Duterte — can confrm that we are joining the ranks of Mainstream News Media while our rival, the pro-Yellow blog, Rappler, is reinventing itself as satire.  By doing so, Rappler and its CEO Maria Ressa could be cleared of charges stemming from violation of the Constitution which prohibits foreign ownership of meda companies.  Rappler will, consequently, be classified by the Securities and Exchange Commission as “Entertainment.”

In a related development, the Twitter account The Professional Heckler has denied that it will be renamed “The Professional Hitler.”

Welcome the New Year! Bring out the champagne!

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