Huawei’s Foldable Smartphone Comes With Pre-installed Cure For Selfitis

BEIJING, China (The Adobo Chronicles, Hong Kong Bureau) – In 2014, The Adobo Chronicles broke the news story that the American Psychiatric Association had officially confirmed that the taking of ‘selfies’ is a mental disorder.

Since we broke the story, studies have been conducted by various groups and institutions, including researchers from Nottingham Trent University and Thiagarajar School of Management, that confirmed the mental condition and they even developed a “Selfitis Behaviour Scale” to assess how badly a person’s selfitis is.

Now, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Huawei, has just announced that its foldable smartphone, the Mate-X, will come pre-installed with a cure for those suffering from selfitis.

Included in Mate-X is a unique chip that monitors the number of times a phone owner takes selfies. Once the number of selfies in a 24-hour period exceeds 5, the phone’s camera automatically shuts down. The camera automatically re-installs after 36 hours.

A spokesperson for Huawei said that this unique feature is in keeping with the company’s social responsibility to their customers. “We want to do our part in their healing and recovery if they are indeed suffering from this devastating mental condition “ he added.


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