Philippines To Totally Withdraw From United Nations

MANILA, Philippines  (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) –  A group of United Nations human rights experts called on Friday for an international inquiry into the state of human rights in the Philippines because of the “staggering number” of unlawful killings by the security services and official attacks on people and institutions who defend human rights here.

Earlier, the Philippines withdrew its membership from the U.N.’s International Criminal Court after petitions were filed before it accusing  Duterte of crimes against humanity.

Now, Duterte wants to totally withdraw from the U.N. saying he will not be judged by white men.  (Perhaps unknownst to Duterte, the ICC judges are not all white.)

Most Filipinos think that the Philippines’ total withdrawal from the U.N. will not have a big impact on the country other than Philippine U.N. Ambssador Teddy Boy Locsin losing his job.




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