Filipina Nurses To Washington State Senator: We Don’t Play Cards, We Play Online Sudoku

D52D4C82-B74A-4722-AEB5-4F7DCDCC7169SEATTLE, Washington (The Adobo Chronicles, Seattle Bureau) – Washington State Senator Maureen Walsh (R) infuriated healthcare workers nationwide after making outrageous comments about nurses who “play cards” on their shift.

The Senator’s remarks came during a heated debate in the Washington State Senate over SHB 1155, a new law that would establish mandatory meal and rest breaks for nurses. Walsh argued for an amendment to the bill that would exclude smaller hospitals from the requirement, suggesting most nurses sit around idly at work playing games.

Reacting to the Senator’s remarks, members of the Filipino American Nurses Association said they were deeply hurt and insulted, saying they never play cards during their work shift.

”Playing cards is so passé. This is the age of modern technology and the Internet. Most of us play online Sudoku on our smart phones,” an association spokesperson told The Adobo Chronicles.

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