Top Pinoy Restaurants To Mar Roxas: What’s Wrong With Kare-Kare?

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Top Filipino restaurants like Barrio Fiesta, Kamayan and Max, along with thousands of carenderias throughout the country condemned Senatorial candidate Mar Roxas for his recent statement justifing his loss in the two national elections.

Roxas lost to Jojo Binay when he ran for Vice President and lost to Rodrigo Duterteo when he ran for President.

In justifying his loss, Roxas said : “ I did not win, I accept that.  I offerered tinolang manok, they chose kare-kareng baka.”

The restaurants and carinderias said, “what’s wrong with kare-kare?”

Blogger Les Bacobo said on his Facebook page: “No, you didn’t offer tinolang manok; voters chose to make you tinalong manok.”


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