Proposed Baguio City Ordinance: No Gossiping Unless Juicy, No Bikini Underwear To Dry In Public

BAGUIO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Baguio Bureau) – Late last year, the Baguio City government approved an ordinance banning cussing in public.  Now Barangays in the city want to take  the law a step further:  they want to ban gossiping and hanging underwear to dry in public view.

But Barangay officials in Upper Quarry clarified that they would only like to ban gossip that’s not juicy.  Anyone charged with gossiping must prove in court that the gossip has the elements of intrigue  and malice.  Otherwise, he or she will be penalized with fine and imprisonment.

Officials of Holy Ghost Barangay, on the other hand, told The Adobo Chronicles that they don’t want to ban all underwear from being hung to dry in public. “We only want to ban bikini-type underwear because they are a threat to the morals of our youth,” a Barangay Councilman said.

So, when in the summer capital of the Philippines,  watch your morals.  No cussing, no gossiping, and no public display of wet underwear.


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