Baguio City Officials Mull Over Converting Burnham Lake Into An Ice Skating Rink

Frozen Chicago River, left, and Baguio City’s Burnham Lake, right

BAGUIO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Baguio Bureau) –  The Chicago River in Illinois, U.S.A. literally froze this week as temperatures dipped below zero degrees.

This gave the ever-efficient city officials of Baguio City led by Mayor Mauricio Domogan a brilliant idea: to convert the murky Burnham Lake in this Philippine summer capital into an ice skating rink.

Baguio’s own temperature dipped to 9 degrees this week, sending chills to both residents and visitors who are in town for the opening of the month-long Panagbenga Festival.

The conversion plan involves dredging the man-made lake, refilling it with salt water and installing an underground ice maker.

Many ice skating enthusiasts were elated over the plan, but others, including operators of rental paddle boats in the lake were not happy.

Domogan said the conversion is part of the city government’s overall plan to rehabilitate the city which could eventually lose its tourism industry because of overcrowding, traffic and deterioration of natural parks.

We may soon see the next Filipino Olympic skating champion among our Baguio youth!

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