Philippine Government To Outsource Lawmaking

F1D4C0A4-4826-4906-8EEC-6B0B4647BE4BMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – In the near future, rice, the staple of Filipinos will be fully outsourced, thanks to a proposed bill in Congress that strips the National Food Authority of its monitoring, distribution and importation of the commodity.  The bill opens up rice importation to anyone in the private sector.  In effect, rice supply and prices will be fully controlled by private entrepreneurs.

Now, there is a growing clamor among the rice-eating Filipinos to outsource lawmaking in the Philippines, and the Duterte government is very receptive to the idea.

The clamor stems from frustration among Filipinos regarding their do-nothing Congress. Billions of pesos are spent on elections and billions more are spent to pay for salaries of lawmakers and their staff. Yet all that comes out of the legislature seem to be endless and fruitless hearings.  The Filipinos have had enough.

Bidding for the lawmaking outsourcing is set for early 2019.  It wasn’t clear how this would affect the May, 2019 national and local elections.


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