Senator Leila De Lima Excited About Future Roommates, Imelda Marcos And Maria Ressa

5EA33C07-ABDE-46FA-A6B6-C4EAC6282B28QUEZON CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Quezon City Bureau) – Life in jail can be quite lonely, as Senator Leila De Lima can attest. It helps to have a jailmate that one can talk to on a daily basis just to help keep one’s sanity.

So one can imagine how excited De Lima was yesterday upon hearing that Former First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos was convicted of seven counts of Graft by the Sandigang Bayan (Graft Court), and that Maria Ressa of Rappler, could soon be charged of tax evasion, as announced by the Department of Justice.

Speaking to The Adobo Chronicles, De Lima said either or both ladies would make perfect roommates in her otherwise solitary jail cell.

”I look forward to daily discussions about Philippine History— especially during the Marcos years — as well as matters concerning free speech, social media and taxation,” she said.

However, De Lima may have to wait a little while longer as Marcos’ case is sure to go through the long appeals process and Ressa’s case will still need to have its day in Court.

But it’s the thought that counts.

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