Baguio City May Soon Ban ‘Swardspeak’

BAGUIO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Baguio City) – Pretty soon, you may not be able to say ‘anech itits’ (what’s this), ‘chaka’ (cheap) or even ‘beki’ (gay) if you live in or visit Baguio City.  These are words and phrases that are part of the unique and colorful language of gay men and women called ‘swardspeak’ or ‘gayspeak.’

Encouraged by the signing of her proposed ordinance banning profanity in schools and businesses frequented by young people, City Councilor Lilia Fariñas is mulling a new proposal that would totally ban the use of swardspeak. Mayor Mauricio Domogan is reportedly prepared to sign such new proposal if it comes to his desk.

”It is time to bring morality back to our beloved city,” Fariñas said, “so in addition to banning cuss or curse words, I am proposing to ban gay words as well.  They’re as disgusting  and painful to the ear. Besides, it’s only members of the gay community that understand this weird language, to the detriment of straight people.”

The Baguio City Government has been criticized for the Anti-Profanity Ordinance for being in violation of the Constitutional Right to Free Speech.  No less than Malacañang and Senator Miguel Zubiri have said that the Ordinance may not pass the Constitutional test if challenged in Court.

4 thoughts on “Baguio City May Soon Ban ‘Swardspeak’”

  1. why should prohibit gay language?That was not really being vulgarity rude if used as language, as a millenial its just okay because Everything nowadays changing and aside from that we have the freedom of speech and it was only my opinion.
    #just saying.
    Abegail Alvarez Vito


  2. Why do they need banned the language of gay people? They used that language just because they give them the identification on what gender they belong and it is their way in communucating to speak what they want to tell.


  3. So, what is the connections between the morality and the language (swardspeak or gayspeak)? Then, their is nothing bad to used that language because “hindi naman siguro yun nakakabastos” diba?? And I think that it is part of our generation and the only thing that we need to do is to adapt and enrich it.



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