Baguio City Ordinance: The Adobo Chronicles’ List Of Alternative Cuss Words

BAGUIO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Baguio Bureau) – You’ve heard by now about the new Baguio City Ordinance prohibiting the use of profanity in local schools and businesses that cater to the youth.  But no worries, we have great news for you.

Thanks to the help of our readers and followers, we have compiled a list of alternative cuss words that won’t get you in trouble with Baguio authorities.

Let’s get right into it:


  • Fake you!
  • Puto ni Inang (Mother’s rice cake. Yum!)
  • Anak ng Tokwa (Son-of-a-Tofu)
  • Ukis ti Saba (Banana peel)
  • Anak ng Pato (Son-of-a-Duck)
  • Pautang Ina! (Can I get a loan, Mother?)
  • Duck head
  • Ash Whole (Be sure to enunciate the ‘h’)
  • SIYETe (Why, the number 7 of course)
  • Bull Sheet (Remember, long ē)
  • LECHugas (They’re aplenty in the Baguio City Market)
  • Putahe ng Ina Mo (Your mother’s recipe)
  • Cooking ng Ina Mo (Your mother’s cooking)
  • PAKYUt (Trying to be cute)
  • Poinsettia Ka!


  • Pakangkongan (Spinach field)
  • Pakingking (Why, the male version of course. Very Royal!)
  • Lady GAGA (Make sure not to forget ‘Lady.’)
  • DiGUNGGONG (Our apologies, Mr. President)
  • PHUC (My Vietnamese friend)
  • PukeMan
  • Fake an American accent: PukiMoe, TitiMoe
  • Oh, and the Ordinance only prohibits verbal utterances.  There’s always sign language: A4AC2DBD-61FB-4491-8DB7-C12488E70C58.jpeg


(Please add your own in the Comments section)

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