Baguio City To Ban The Barrel Man Woodcarving

B5E8DC2A-B441-4DC8-A884-CCE47A4EC4C9.jpegBAGUIO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Baguio Bureau) – Now that Baguio City Mayor Mauricio Domogan has signed into law an ordinance penalizing profanity in the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Councilor Lilia Fariñas, who authored the ordinance, is setting her sights on Barrel Man.

Visitors to Baguio have, for many decades, been amused by that famous woodcarved souvenir, the Barrel Man (see photo).  But alas, he may soon go totally extinct.

Fariñas told The Adobo Chronicles that banning profanity was just the first step in restoring decency to the city. “Now it’s time to go after graphic and X-Rated Baguio souvenirs,” she said.

Because The Adobo Chronicles is a family-oriented site, we can’t show you what’s underneath that barrel woodcarving.  But our readers can always use Google to do their own research.

One thought on “Baguio City To Ban The Barrel Man Woodcarving”

  1. WTF! Why The Farinas, just author an ordinance that is more sensible. I’m proud to be a FILIPINO, but politicians like you are ruining our reputation as Filipinos!


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