Court Of Appeals Sides With Rappler!

5CBF365F-BBD8-4173-B5AB-035B64942E4C.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – After all the misinformation that Rappler has been publishing regarding the Court of Appeals (CA) decision denying its petition to reverse the SEC’s revocation of its media license, one thing stands out: CA is actually siding with the online news source.

In arguments before the court, Rappler insisted that it is not a media company and is therefore not subject to the Constitutional provision regarding 100% Filipino ownership.D38DA4D9-EA0D-4897-BA59-914F63DA1063


So, in a separate but still unpublished ruling, the CA said that it agrees 100% with Rappler that it is not a media company.  “Therefore,” the Court said, “Rappler must now wrap up its online news operations, shut down for good and concentrate on whatever non-media business it is operating.”

Buh-bye, Rappler!

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