Papal Nuncio Dialogues With President Rodrigo Duterte: We Have The Transcript

156078F4-E2E9-470C-B06F-6E3B02A562F1MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – The Adobo Chronicles has just learned that President Rodrigo Duterte spoke with the Papal Nuncio in the Philippines, Archbishop Gabriele Giordano Caccia via telephone the other day.

The conversation centered around Duterte’s recent public comment about the “stupid god.”

Here’s the transcript:

Caccia: Thanks for taking my call, Mr. President.  God bless you!

Duterte: Who is this stupid god?

Caccia:  The God of love.

Duterte: You mean God still loves me despite what I said about Him?

Caccia:  He is a forgiving God.

Duterte:  Has he also forgiven the priests and bishops who have molested young boys and girls and have sired children?

Caccia:  (Ignoring Duterte’s question) He is a God of mercy.

Duterte: Who is Mercy?

Caccia: (Again ignoring Duterte’s question) He is a God of justice…

Duterte: You mean the EX-Chief Justice!

Caccia: I have a message for you from Pope Francis…

Duterte: That p*tang *na!

(At this point, Caccia hang up)


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