Ban On Political Homilies At Churches Starts At Midnight

B5A234D0-4A7A-4B61-B8B3-6330EDCCB7A9.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – As  the clock strikes midnight tonight, the liquor ban in connection with Monday’s Barangay elections starts.  It is illegal for vendors to sell liquor or for consumers to drink alcohol in public. (Hopefully, you’ve stocked up on your San Mig Lights or Fundador by then, for home consumption.)

Unknownst to many, Commission on Elections (COMELEC) rules also prohibit Catholic Churches from using the pulpit to discuss politics, especially this Sunday before election day.

Priests and bishops caught using Sunday mass homilies to influence voters or to discuss politics, will be immediately arrested and jailed.

COMELEC told The Adobo Chronicles that the ban is in keeping with the Constitutional provision of separation of Church and State which is often violated by Filipino bishops and priests (yes, even nuns of course.)

So, if you attend church tomorrow and hear your mass presider talk politics during his homily, call 911 or make a citizens arrest.



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