EXCLUSIVE: One-On-One Interview With Vice President Leni Robredo

Robredo with spokesperson Georgina Hernandez

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – There is no denying that Leni Robredo is a breath away from becoming President.  She herself said in the past that the only role a Vice President has is to “wait for something to happen to the President.”

The Adobo Chronicles sat down with Robredo and asked her what she would do as President if faced with the very issues that Duterte is now facing.

Here’s the full transcript of our interview:

AC: What would be your first official act as President?

Robredo: I will immediately transfer the seat of government from Manila to Camarines Sur. Duterte has Davao as the Malacañang of the South.  There is no reason I can’t make Naga City the Malacañang of the Central Philippines.

AC: President Duterte often uses commercial flights between Manila and Davao.  Are you going to do the same?

Robredo: No, of course not.  I will take the bus.

AC: You have been the ‘victim’ of fake news.  As President, what will do you to curb the spread of fake news?

Robredo:  I will give purveyors of fake news a dose of their own medicine.  I will be the No. 1 source of fake news and will let Rappler, Inquirer and ABS-CBN run the PCOO as well as the Office of the Presidential Spokesperson.

AC: What will be the fate of Leila De Lima, Andy Bautista, NoyNoy Aquino, the Prieto Family and Lourdes Sereno under a Robredo Administration?

Robredo: They will all receive Presidential Pardon.

AC: The NoyNoy Administration’s mantra was “Tuwid na Daan.” What would be yours?

Robredo: Walang nang daan daan.

AC:  Kuwait has expelled the Philippines’ Ambassador amid the growing controversy on the treatment of Filipino maids in this Middle East country.  If you were President now, what would you do?

Robredo: Georgeeeeeeena!

(end of interview)


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