In Metro Manila, Grab And Uber Face Stiff Competition

C54D51AD-E06C-41C4-9BEC-5E0973380535MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Uber and Grab have both revolutionalized public transportation, worldwide and in the Philippines.

Nothing beats the convenience of booking a ride on a clean, airconditioned vehicle especially in hot and traffic-ridden Metro Manila.

But regular taxi drivers are pushing back. They want their lucrative business back!

So they formed a new company called “Grabe.”

Basically, a commuter just hails a tax cab from anywhere and the Grabe taxi drivers will ask where one is going and dictates the flat rate without the use of the taxi’s meter.

If the customer agrees to the price, then fine.  If not, the customer needs to resort back to booking on Grab or Uber.

Hey, a free enterprise is part of a capitalistic society, so deal with it!

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