Former President Aquino Talks To Adobo Chronicles About Dengvaxia, Stupidity

6A1359DC-4F0D-428F-A5DF-C896153517F7QUEZON CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Since stepping down from the presidency in 2016, NoyNoy Aquino has shunned the spotlight and has consistently refused to grant interviews with the news media.

Until now.

Because he is facing criminal charges as a result of the botched Dengavia mass vaccination launched during his presidency, Aquino has agreed to be interviewed by The Adobo Chronicles to defend himself against what he calls ‘false and malicious’ accusations hurled against him by his critics.

Here is a transcript of our interview with PNoy:

AC: You have been accused of putting the lives of close to 1 million school children in danger because of the Dengvaxia mass vaccination program that you authorized while being president.  Your reaction?

PNOY: Dengvaxia doesn’t cause Dengue.  Mosquitoes do.

AC: Filipinos can’t seem to get over that time during your presidency when you chose to attend a cocktail reception hosted by a car manufacturing company over meeting the coffins of the police officers who were killed as a resuilt of the Mamasapano incident?

PNOY: I’m just human.  I need a drink once in a while, especially if it’s free.

AC: You and many of the officials you appointed to cabinet and other top positions in your administration are accused of being stupid.  Your reaction?

PNOY: The brain doesn’t cause stupidity. Drugs do.

(end of interview)

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