Transcript (?) Of Phone Conversation Between Loida Nicolas Lewis And Unnamed Individual

868780E5-3E28-458D-BD82-CEE4013F0EB3DAVAO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Davao Bureau) – A phone conversation gave her away, President Duterte said on Friday referring to Filipino-American businesswoman Loida Nicolas Lewis allegedly conspiring with the International Criminal Court (ICC) to have him prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

In a press briefing at the Matina Enclaves Residences here, Duterte claimed he had prior knowledge of the ICC initiative as early as Tuesday, based on the transcript of a phone conversation between Lewis and an unnamed individual.

While the supposed transcript has not been publicly released, The Adobo Chronicles could only imagine that the unnamed individual was Vice President Leni Robredo, and here is what we think happened in that conversation:

Lewis: Madam Vice President, malapit na!

Robredo: And ano?

Lewis: The complaint filed before the ICC against Duterte is finally moving.

Robredo: Ano yung ICC?

Lewis: International Criminal Court.  It is initiating a preliminary review of the complaint.

Robredo: What’s a preliminary review?

Lewis: It will determine whether the ICC prosecutor will recommend an investigation into the charge of crimes against humanity.

Robredo: Anong ibig sabihin ng crimes against humanity?

Lewis: Basta, if Duterte is convicted, ikaw na ang magiging Presidente ng Pilipinas.

Robredo: Bakit ako?

Lewis: Di ba Vice President ka?

Robredo: Eh paano na si BBM?

Lewis: Do you think he will win his electoral protest against you?


(end of transcript)



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