PAB’s Jover Laurio Leaves PH, Applies For Political Asylum In The Netherlands

89033FF0-CB16-46E3-8BFE-8A976A283101.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – It’s the irony of ironies.  Pinoy Ako Blog’s (PAB) Jover Laurio is about to join her prime nemesis, Sass Rogando Sasot in The Netherlands.

Semi-reliable sources have told The Adobo Chronicles that Laurio has applied for political asylum in The Netherlands, claiming that she has been a victim of vicious, insulting and embarassing  attacks from pro-Duterte bloggers and supporters. “They have even attacked my facial attributes,” she added.

Her flight out of the Philippines was confirmed by no less than herself, when she posted on her social media account, bidding “goodbye” to her fans and supporters.

Best of luck to you, Jover. Hopefully, you don’t cross paths with Sasot while you’re there. (Although that would be a very juicy story for The Adobo Chronicles.)


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