Leni Robredo To Forfeit 2O18 OVP Budget To Purchase Dengue Protective Gear For Poor Children

D2364EB5-3DCE-4DBB-B9A8-CA65542EF808QUEZON CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Amid the explosive Dengue vaccine controversy, Leni Robredo is proving to be serious about protecting the health and lives of poor children, especially those who are now at risk for adverse consequences as a result of having been vaccinated with Dengvaxia.

Earlier, the Vice President called for a thorough investigation of the matter and to go after those responsible for this fiasco.

Today, Robredo announced that she will be forfeiting the almost half a billion 2018 budget approved for the Office of the Vice President.

Instead, Robredo said she had instructed her staff to use the money to procure Dengue protective gear similar to those used by bee culturists.

’The best way to protect our kids from Dengue infection is to prevent them from being bitten by mosquitoes,” Robredo said, “and what better way to do this than to distrubute free protective clothing.”

The free protective gears will come in two colors, white and yellow.


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